Princes of the Apocolypse

A fork, a cave, and a dream.

What's an eye like you doing in a place like this?

The group leaves Summit Hall to continue across country and find the fastest way across the river. Soon enough they come upon a fork. To the right are human footsteps, and to the left those of bugbears. The group takes the right fork, following it down the pathway to the mouth of a dark cavern. Vist discovers a cleverly hidden pit-trap near the entrance, raising the suspicions of everyone present. Casting his mind into the cave he finds the surface thoughts of a dozing, full, content beast of some sort, napping after a meal.

Trying to creep by the monster, the party awakens it, and disgruntled, it puts up a tough fight (laying vist out cold) before Wil unceremoniously exploded its head with witchbolt. Cutting through the stomach they find an elven princess clad in armor of acid resistance, annoyed but otherwise unharmed. Aloof and not particularly helpful, she heads out of the cavern and back to her people after a short conversation.

Doubting that the cavern holds their lost delegation, Torrin and Alistar leave to set up camp by the fork in preparation for the rest of the party after a quick looting. To their surprise, what looks to be a simple bare room with an altar holds a passage down into the cavern. Jon, Vist, and Wil move through the tunnel as the stench of rotting meets them. Peeking over the 3/4 wall that separates the room, they see a Chuul feasting on corpses. With a light touch, they drive the wall around, trapping the chull in with the illusion of a closed-off wall, and find two more tunnels down into the depths of the cave.

Down the first they find a mound of flesh and tumors, rolling and glistening, and a single large eyeball. Fleeing back upstairs they follow the second tunnel to find much the same, but where there was flesh there is now blood. Gathering their courage (and desire for loot), the group smites the eyeballs and flees back upstairs, finding a third chamber has now appeared behind what they thought was a statue in the wall. In this room are three tablets in primordial which hurt to read. Exhausted, the group collapses into sleep, but not before Vist sends a message in a dream to Torrin.

Torrin dreams a dream of his companion requiring his help, and wakes alistar. They return to the mouth of the cave, and entering, find there the Chuul which the rest of the party thoughtlessly left behind. With quick thinking and nimble strikes they dispatch it, and move down the tunnels to find their companions.

When the group reunites, Torrin discovers the central primordial tablet is nothing but gibberish, and presses it down, revealing another chamber behind the wall full of treasures…..and another tunnel.


mccann_ek mccann_ek

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