Princes of the Apocolypse

Shrines, priestesses, and ships.

The party travels to the vale of dancing waters as per Wil’s recommendation. After purifying themselves, they are allowed to enter, and encounter a strange wedding that quickly goes south. The party determines that the Vale has been overtaken by a sinister group, and must fight their way through the cult to rescue the priestesses who rightfully live here. They find some dead but many alive, and the priestesses are grateful for their help.

Wil struck up a rapport with Gemma Gleamsilver who, though shaken from her ordeal, displayed her thorough knowledge of the area’s history and told him of legends of flying ships. On their way back to Beliard to try a different lead, the party was attacked by men in sky-blue tunics on giant vultures, who dropped a map before fleeing.


mccann_ek mccann_ek

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