The Tillerian Isles sit defiantly in the midst of the Great Sea. To the south, the mainland sits, tropical and bristling with life; to the north are the lands of rock and ice. The isles lie between the two, a popular stop for merchants and travellers alike to re-supply for the rest of their long journey and sell some wares along the way. The climate is moderate but volatile, with storms rolling in and out quickly through the day due to proximity to the sea.

The captial of Pyrus is a large port where the emperor has his estates. It is a city of wide cobbled streets fully of greenery and people. Merchants and craftsmen flock to it, and it is the site of many festivals and cultural events. Scattered across the isles are many more small towns and port cities. The Dessarian Valley is the farming heartland of Silatia, where small hamlets have sprung up around endless golden fields.

As is so often the case, all is not well in this idyllic setting. A delegation of high-profile persons from the mainland has gone missing on its way to Pyrus, and the emperor in desperation has offered a bounty for their safe return. Is it political posturing? The Zhentarium maneuvering once more? Or perhaps a darker adversary?

Princes of the Apocolypse